Ebels Family Center

Julie Parker locations

6133 South Forward Road
Falmouth, MI  49632

Jobs Expected To Be Created: 10

Bradd Pierce of Great Lakes Commercial Finance (GLCF)collaborated with Doug Morgenstern of Huntington National Bank to assist Ebels Family Center with the construction of a water treatment facility.  GLCF was excited to work with Bob Ebels, the CFO and partial owner of Ebels Family Center in Falmouth, MI on their second SBA 504 project, with yet a third project still in process.

Ebels Family Center was formed in 1978; however, the business has a history dating back to 1920 when it was founded by the great, great, grandfather of current majority owner Mark Ebels and his wife Dawn. Ebels was formed to provide a more convenient way for locals to purchase healthy food and home goods without the long commute to more populated areas.  The store has grown into a destination general store serving all of Northern Michigan and even parts of the Upper Peninsula, providing hundreds of customers with everyday products.  Ebels is a true General Store selling a full line of groceries, including a significant and well-known meat department, clothing lines and general household items.  The entire Ebels family is involved in the various businesses, which include, Dawn’s Fresh Catering, Ebels Meat Processing, and Little Town Jerky.  The meat processing business services both Ebels Family Center and Little Town Jerky that offers everything from jerky to smoked picnic hams to cooked beef ribeye.  Their products have become well known around the state and can be found in multiple retail locations.

The SBA 504 project included site work and building improvements, as well as equipment for the water treatment system needed to meet the demand of their meat processing plant.  Bob Ebels said, “In 2005 and twice in 2017, our companies were able to utilize the 504 loan program through GLCF.  We’ve had a great experience with the folks at Great Lakes Commercial Financeand we have worked with some of the same people on all of the loans, which says a lot for their organization.  The projects that we completed were major infrastructure projects that were necessary for our businesses continued growth.  With over 100 people directly involved with our businesses as employees and contractors, we are very blessed to make a positive economic impact in our rural area. My family is thankful we could utilize the 504 loan program and work with a quality organization like EDF to get the job done. The long term fixed rate financing is a huge benefit to our companies providing stability and the opportunity for growth.”