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Great Lakes Potato Chip Co.

Precision Wire Forms

Braintrust Behavioral Health – Kalamazoo, MI
June 2020 
“The purchase gave us the additional room for growth and expansion that we needed to continue to serve our communities while providing high quality service. The SBA 504 program is what ultimately made this jump possible, and EDF lead me through what we required every step of the way.”
– Zach Dugger, Owner of Braintrust Behavioral Health

Anna’s House – Westland, MI
January 2020
“For small businesses like us who are trying to fight the daily battle, the SBA 504 program is the perfect solution. It helped us lower our costs nearly in half, making a huge financial impact on a company our size.”
– Josh Beckett, Owner of Anna’s House

Nature – Maple City, MI
November 2019
“The interest and the investment by the SBA 504 loan really allowed us to build a dream and start something that is concretely impacting the community and region it surrounds. EDF was able to handhold me through this process that was looked daunting to me, supporting me and answering my questions along the way. It was truly a collective force of small business development teams within the community that helped us achieve our vision.”
– Bryan Cloninger , Owner of Nature – A Michigan Retreat

West Michigan Uniform, Inc. – Holland, MI
September 2018
“The program was essential to West Michigan Uniform creating new jobs through the expansion of our embroidery and screen printing operations and positioning ourselves for further growth in uniform and mat rental services. The process with EDF was smooth and the staff was extremely helpful and responsive to our questions.”
– Patrick Van Tuinen, President, West Michigan Uniform, Inc.

Georgina’s – Grand Rapids, MI
April 2018
“The Economic Development Foundation made the process incredibly easy and quick.  I look forward to doing another loan in the future as I try to open more businesses.”
– Anthony Craig, Owner

Auto Body Xperts Zeeland, Inc. – Zeeland, MI
February 2018
“We had a very positive experience with the 504 program! Because of the program, we were able to build a state of the art facility that would allow us to employ more people and serve our customers better.”
– Bob Arnoldink, Owner

K & T Tool and Die – Rockford, MI
January 2018
“K & T Tool and Die looked at several options when deciding how to finance our growth. Other finance institutions told us, how a conventional loan would better suite our requirements. In my opinion, the other banks really did not understand what we needed. Grand River Bank, with the help of Mark Martis, recognized that we had limited resources and recommended that we should look at the 504 program. With the help of EDF we utilized the benefits of the 504 program. Although, more paperwork was required, EDF made it as easy as possible. They provided the forms and knowledge on how to best process the documents. Not only were we able to finance our building with 10% down we were able to include financing for some critical machinery required for our growth.”
– Ed Talcott, Owner

Southtown Guitar – Grand Rapids, MI
October 2017
“I am extremely grateful for the help of the EDF in securing the funds necessary to purchase the building where my business resides.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a building in a fabulous location that will afford me the opportunity to grow my business as well as my personal wealth.  This definitely would not have been possible without the help of the EDF.  Thank you!”
– Dean Wiers-Windemuller, Owner

Ebels Family Center – Falmouth, MI
August 2017
“In 2005 and twice in 2017, our companies were able to utilize the 504 loan program through EDF.  We’ve had a great experience with the folks at EDF, and we have worked with some of the same people on all of the loans, which says a lot for their organization.  The projects that we completed were major infrastructure projects that were necessary for our businesses continued growth.  With over 100 people directly involved with our businesses as employees and contractors, we are very blessed to make a positive economic impact in our rural area.  My family is thankful we could utilize the 504 loan program and work with a quality organization like EDF to get the job done. The long term fixed rate financing is a huge benefit to our companies providing stability and the opportunity for growth.”
– Bob Ebels, Owner

Eldean Boat Yard – Holland, MI
July 2017

“Working with the EDF, SBA, and our local Huntington Bank was a great solution for our re-financing. The ability to lock-in a competitive long-term rate was a huge factor and, over the years, this decision will help to reduce our costs and free up valuable time that can now be spent elsewhere,”

– Wade Eldean, Owner

Premiere Property Services, Inc. – Grand Rapids, MI
January 2017
“We have been dreaming of expanding for years, and without the help of the EDF and the 504 Program, it would not have been possible. The 504 program made it a reality to secure affordable financing which in turn helped us put more money back into our business.”
– Scott Kelting, President

Allen Partners Companies – Otsego, MI
October 2016
“Working with EDF has been a real pleasure, the team guides you through the process, interfaces with SBA and the local lender, and generally makes an intimidating process painless.”
– Mark Allen, Owner

Pangea’s Pizza – Westland, MI
February 2020
“Working with EDF and the SBA 504 loan put me in a way better position, not only from a cash flow perspective, but in the terms of the loan as well. You won’t find something like this anywhere else.”
– Chris Mohrhardt, Owner of Pangea’s Pizza

Aurora Cellars – Lake Leelanau, MI
December 2019
“We have a really good track record of being able to operate these facilities, but banks are still worried about the overall risks of our industry. The SBA was able to provide that security so there was basically no risk at all for them…I don’t think we would have been able to get this deal done without them.”
– Sam Simpson, Owner of Aurora Cellars

Winchel Irrigation – Grandville, MI
June 2018
“Working with Gary and the team at EDF was a very smooth and easy process. We received excellent communication and were able to count on the timelines that were presented to us, and the client was able to have the rate and structure that worked best for their business needs.”
– Pam Schuitema, Vice President Commercial Loans, Chase Bank

The Sanford House – Grand Rapids, MI
March 2018
“The Economic Development Foundation guided us through the 504 Loan process while learning all about our new business venture. The privately held addiction treatment business is uncommon in Michigan, and through the efforts of the EDF, we were able to establish a new blueprint for the delivery of mental health services in our hometown of Grand Rapids. We are up and running and serving clients with substance use disorder at near capacity.”
– Owner at The Sanford House

Planet Fitness – Walker, MI
November 2017
“Our experience with the  EDF and our bank Huntington was very positive. The 504 program allowed us to get the funding necessary to purchase our building, make improvements and install our equipment – providing a lending solution that is difficult to obtain through conventional channels. We were able to get creative by re-developing real estate in order to place our business in a great location on Lake Michigan Drive.”
– Julian Monterosso, Owner

Aromech, Inc. – Holland, MI
June 2017
“Thank you for the friendly, professional, and expeditious experience I had with your organization implementing my loan on the 504 program. I was impressed by the detailed knowledge and fluid communication the whole team had with my bank, real estate agent, and attorney. Everyone seemed connected with each other, and I was just being copied with minimal
tasks throughout the process. Felt like the “A” team was on my side, and this greatly reduced the stress/workload I was anticipating from talking to others who have previously taken part in the 504 program.”
– Fred Egge, Owner

Rockford Package Supply, Inc. – Comstock Park, MI
May 2017
“The EDF team was very thorough and patiently guided us through all the documentation requirements.   They were very knowledgeable and they anticipated each step of the process. I highly recommended the SBA program through Economic Development Foundation to anyone who is considering new opportunities.”
– Howard Paulson, President

Rockwell Republic – Grand Rapids, MI
March 2017
“The 504 program worked very well for me as a businessperson. Much of my companies growth and growth opportunities, in the past, have come with the acquisition of restaurant businesses, but because of either the capital required or the specific situation, I have not had many opportunities to acquire the real estate on which these restaurants operate.  EDF assisted me with the financing necessary in order acquire both Rockwell’s Republic restaurant business and the real estate in which the business resides in downtown Grand Rapids. The ownership of the land and buildings will allow my company to diversify our assets, which makes us stronger, while still focusing on our core business in the hospitality industry.”
– Jeff Lobdell, Owner

Traverse City Golf Center – Traverse City, MI
April 2017
“The 504 Loan program helped me to realize my dream to own Traverse City Golf Center.”
– Toby Boynton-Fisher, Owner

Envision Engineering, LLC – Lowell, MI
November 2016
“With the help of EDF and the SBA, Mike and I were able to advance forward with this big step. The 20 year fixed (low) interest rate (for the SBA portion) and ability to fund the project with only 10% down was a real benefit, and frankly why we went the SBA route. The SBA lending team was both courteous and helpful, I would have no problem recommending them to a friend.”
– Scott Roerig, Owner

Tool N Die – Wayland, MI
December 2016
“We appreciated all of the help and support we received from EDF to obtain our SBA 504 loan, which in return let us focus on growing our Tool and Die business.”
– Dennis Myers, Owner