Submit Insurance Changes or Renewals

EDF is required to have a current copy of each borrower’s hazard insurance on the building and/or business personal property such as equipment. We also ask that your insurance agent include the following information on the proof-of-insurance certificate:

  • Borrower’s name, loan number, property address, policy number and expiration date.
  • The following verbiage must appear on the ACORD: “Full Replacement Cost” and “10-day written notice of cancellation”
  • CDC and SBA named as 2nd Mortgagee and/or Loss Payee as follows:

2nd Mortgagee and Loss Payee
Economic Development Foundation
1345 Monroe NW, Suite 132
Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Please send proof of insurance to Laura Seromik at or you may fax the information to (616) 458-5736.
If you have questions, please call our office at (616) 459-4825.